Babel Enterprise 2.0.0

An audit tool, focused on evaluating Operating System base security.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Artica ST
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Babel Enterprise
Babel Enterprise is an audit tool, focused on evaluating Operating System base security. Babel Enterprise evaluate the security level, or hardening, from a wide range of Operating Systems. Babel Enterprise run several audit probes and checks to give a photograph of the current system security status. Babel Enterprise also gives a Security Indicator of whole system.

Babel Enterprise design is made to manage system security in a big and complex enviroment with many different kind of Operating Systems, versions, technology and configurations. This complexity include to manage different human teams with different abilities and responsabilities. Babel Enterprise it's a multiuser, distributed management auditing system for the major Operating Systems of the real world. Babel Enterprise also allows to be installed which redundant components in all of its components.

Each time you run a new audit policy, you will be able to see and evaluate objectively each important change in your systems: modifications on existing elements, new or erased elements, so that it will know if the security of that system it's going to get better or it's going to get worse and, very important, what it's happenning.

Babel Enterprise uses a pragmatic point of view and tries to evaluate those points that represent a security risk and could be improved by intervention of the administrator. Babel Enterprise is Free Software, so it's very flexible because has an open API and all internal details to allow advanced users to adapt to any imaginable audit check, without limits.

Babel Enterprise it's a non-intrusive tool, so absolutely no change is made in your systems. Babel Enterprise only run so many tests as you need and give you the results in a detailed way, including a final numeric Security Indicator.

Babel Enterprise agents has versions to run in the last versions of Microsoft�, like Windows 2003, Windows XP, and the more common Unix systems, like Solaris� 9, AIX� 5.1, SUSE GNU/Linux 9 ES and Debian/Ubuntu Dapper, but Babel Enterprise agents could be very easily adapted for another versions and other similar systems, like BSD systems or HPUX�).

Babel Enterprise is Free Software. It has a public source repository (Subversion). All documentation has been generated using Free Standards, like DocBook SGML, and edited using Free Software (eMacs, OpenJade). WEB page for the project is Also we have a small comunity of power users at

Last updated on January 20th, 2009


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