Aptsh 0.0.7

Aptsh is a pseudo-shell for systems with the APT package managing tool.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Marcin Wrochniak
ROOT \ System \ System Administration
Aptsh is a pseudo-shell for systems with Apt package managing tool. Aptsh is similar to AptShell from AptRpm, but it works not only with AptRpm (actually, it's being developed with Debian's Apt).

Also, it's inspired by The Poldek from PLD. But, what does it exactly do? Well, if you use Apt, you should know the situation - search for a package with apt-cache and copy its name to apt-get, repeat. And, you probably do not enjoy the situation before last execution of apt-get.

If so, consider using aptsh - it offers that cute TAB completion which you always use while unix-shelling. It's smart enough to decide whether you're trying to remove or install/upgrade a package, and doesn't suggests you to remove your Gnome since you are a KDE maniac who has never seen (and never installed) that ugly Gnome.

In short: a tool which makes life easier, although it's not necessary.
You may find few similarities between Aptsh and things like Wajig or Feta. Yes, it's the same sort of applications.

What's New in This Release:

A bug which may have caused strange behavior of the orphans-* commands on some architectures (i.e. ppc) was fixed.
A bug in the rls and ls commands was fixed: if a given argument matched files in the current directory (wildcard), then the names of these files were used instead of typed text in some shells.
Aptsh can be run with commands as program arguments.
Many minor bugs were fixed, and many minor features were added.
Many internal improvements were done, and the code seems cleaner now.

Last updated on April 13th, 2007

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