Admin-packages 0.7.0

A package manager for sources

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What's new in Admin-packages 0.7.0:

  • This version adds more URL examples to the standard servers.conf.
  • It doesn't report md5sums as correct if integrity is disabled.
  • It removes symlinks before trying to overwrite them with binary packages.
  • It shows verbose output of extracted files.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
5.0/5 3
Magnus Loef
ROOT \ System \ System Administration
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Admin-packages - Usage message
Admin-packages is a package manager for sources that can handle multiple local and remote repositories, recursive dependency resolution, user defined tmacro transformations, installation logging and package removal, creation and installation of binary packages, and the ability to create new distributions from scratch.

Client installation:

./Autoinstall (Edit the installation parameters as required first)
Install it again with: admin-packages --install admin-packages --yes

Client uninstallation:

admin-packages --remove admin-packages --nodeps --yes

How it works:

Admin-packages will get packages from repositories listed in: /SYSCONFDIR/admin-packages/servers.conf

It installs all source or binary packages from the repository that has the latest version of the requested package.

Use: --binary to install binary packages and --create-binay to create them.

Packages can utilize settings.conf macros for such things such as tuning and architecture as specified with settings in /SYSCONFDIR/admin-packages/settings.conf

Admin-packages will try to resolve all dependencies and make an install order for them. It will download package files, check md5sums, gpgsums, uncompress archives and configure, make and make install as specified in the retrieved packages.conf sections.

When removing packages the default is to also uninstall the packages that depends on the specified package. The Packages that depends on the depending packages will also be removed. This behaviour can be changed by using the --nodeps option.

Admin-packages is interactive by default so you will be asked to proceed between install phases.

Last updated on January 19th, 2011

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