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nedmalloc an alternative malloc implementation written in C for multiple threads without lock contention based on dlmalloc v2.8.3.

It is more or less a newer implementation of ptmalloc2, the standard allocator in Linux (which is based on dlmalloc v2.7.0) but also contains a per-thread cache for maximum CPU scalability. It comes under the Boost software license which permits commercial usage.

It is more than 125 times faster than the standard Win32 memory allocator, 4-10 times faster than the standard FreeBSD memory allocator and up to twice as fast as ptmalloc2, the standard Linux memory allocator. It can sustain between 7.3m and 8.2m malloc & free pair operations per second on a 2200Mhz AMD Athlon64 machine.

It scales with extra CPU's far better than either the standard Win32 memory allocator or ptmalloc2 and can cause significantly less memory bloating than ptmalloc2. nedmalloc project avoids processor serialisation (locking) entirely when the requested memory size is in the thread cache.
Last updated on July 19th, 2012

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An alternative malloc implementation written in C


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