apt4rpm 0.69.3

apt4rpm creates an apt, yum, or metadata repository from a random RPM directory.
apt4rpm creates an apt, yum, or metadata repository from a random RPM directory.

Main features:

  • Support for multiple distributions/versions/architectures in a single apt, yum or metadata repository.
  • "Atomic" switching from an old apt repository to the newly created one.
  • Analyzes the rpm packages in the rpm repository and creates a unified rpm package name. This mechanism uses caching to speed up the creation of subsequent created apt, yum or metadata repositories. The rpm name, version and architecture are stored seperately in the cache. This makes it possible to easily search for 1 particular rpm throughout the whole apt repository.
  • Can create signed repositories.
  • Can mirror download server directories after downloading the repositories will be created.
  • If possible it will mark a package as a security update, and will put it in the "security" component of the repository.
  • Provides an example sources.list file for the "file:", "ftp://" and "http://" protocols.
  • The repositories are created with links from the rpm repository. The rpm repository can have any format. Rpms can be filtered with accept/reject rules.
  • Creates seperated binary, source, delta and patch rpms components automatically.
  • XML formatted config file
  • The source-rpm apt components can be provided in a flat or noflat structure. Switching between those 2 can be performed without problem.
  • A most recent rpm list can be created for each component.
  • A contents list is created for the whole apt repository.

last updated on:
April 4th, 2005, 20:13 GMT
developed by:
Richard Bos
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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