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Create Ubuntu-based Live CDs




Ultra-LiveCD is a software designed to help users create Ubuntu-based Live CDs.

Ultra-LiveCD makes creating a LiveCD as easy as possible.

How to make a LiveCD using these scripts


Hello! After a while of doing some of these commands manually I got a little tired of entering all the commands manually so I made myself some easy scripts and now have cleaned them up a little bit and decided to release them to anyone else who might use them.

These scripts were designed to work on Ubuntu, any other debian based system you will have to make some changes to the script.


Before you run any of these scripts you should set your own variables at the top of ultra_livecd_menu file leaving them as defaults will work with no problems.

Handling the scripts

Do not move any files outside of the dir they were unpacked in, they wont really work that way.

Creating the LiveCD

Creating a LiveCD using Ultra-LiveCD will take up a lot of bandwidth, you have been warned! This should be a easy way to make a LiveCD the way you want if you have some knowledge of how apt-get works and the basic tools given to you on a Linux system. Ultra-LiveCD can be ran in full command line, so no GUI is needed to make the LiveCD.

LiveCD User

You should probably know that the LiveCD user is generated while the LiveCD boots. So you're wondering where to put the LiveCD's user files?  Everything in /etc/skel/ will end up in the LiveCD user's home folder.  Everything in /etc/skel/ will be copied when a new user is created.
If you plan on making a  intrepid Ibex base LiveCD changing the user name and host works flawlessly, but for some reason making a Hardy Heron based LiveCD ends up in the result of casper@live. If anyone knows how to fix this contact chris4585 @ irc.freenode.net or email at chris4585 (at) gmail (dot) com

Making the LiveCD

To make your own LiveCD run the script ultralivecd follow the options in order.

Don't like what you got with your first ISO?

Editing is pretty easy, if you want to edit something in the LiveCD do the following just run the ultralivecd script and choose option 3 to chroot, then option 6 to make the iso. You can run these steps until you get total perfection.
Last updated on November 27th, 2008

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