Smart Package Manager

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Smart is a package manager (like APT or Yum) that works with several backends including RPM, dpkg, and Slackware packages.





Smart Package Manager is a software that has the ambitious objective of creating smart and portable algorithms for solving adequately the problem of managing software upgrading and installation.

This tool works in all major distributions, and will bring notable advantages over native tools currently in use (APT, APT-RPM, YUM, URPMI, etc).

Notice that this project is not a magical bridge between every distribution in the planet. Instead, this is a software offering better package management for these distributions, even when working with their own packages.

Using multiple package managers at the same time (like rpm and dpkg) is possible, even though not the software goal at this moment.

This project is in beta testing. Please, understand that bugs are expected to be found at that stage, and there are features that still must be implemented in the forthcoming future. Even then, this project is being tested in a considerable number of machines for several months already.

What's New in This Release:

Many improvements.
Last updated on July 3rd, 2008
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