Python Packager

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A web service which converts Python source code into stand-alone applications for Windows and Linux





Python Packager is an application that converts Python source code into standalone applications. For Windows it builds portable exe's, portable directories, and a Windows installer. For Linux it builds a single, self-contained binary, portable directories, and RPM/DEB packages. It also automatically adds licenses to the source code, shows source code analysis, and documents the code.

Python Packager simply uses existing tools "under the hood", and is used as a web service. It does not claim to add any extra features which can be achieved with existing tools. It builds Python executables on Linux and Windows using PyInstaller (much like Py2Exe). It also uses PyLint to analyse the source code. And documents the code with epydoc.

The goal of Python Packager is to bring all of these existing Python based tools together, into a web interface to make packaging Python programs as easy as possible, and in theory "just work".
Last updated on December 8th, 2009

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