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Easily make installers for Unix-like systems.






Nixstaller project can easily make installers for Unix-like systems.

Nixstaller can be fully translated and is programmed in C++ and sh.


· Ofcourse can nixstaller be configured;
· Can use either gzip or bzip2 to compress the files
· You can specify which frontends you want to be included
· A way to specify which frontends for which Operating Systems should be included
· Extraction directory can be specified: Specified by the user, to a default directory(IE for binaries), temporary(IE for compiling the package)
· A way to specify any shell commands that will be executed after the files are extracted. You can also specify the used parameters for each command(IE --prefix for './configure') so that the user can configure them before the installation begins. This feature is especially handy for compiling a package on the user's system.

How it works:

· When creating the installer a self extractable archive will be created (powered by makeself). The only thing the user has to do is running this script, it then will do:
· Extract some required files for the graphical frontends(configuration file, translations, archive containing the files to be installed(this is not extracted before installation) etc). · Default the files will go in a subdirectory on /tmp.
· Search for the right frontend(depending on which are included, if X is running etc).
· Launch this frontend.
· Clean the files used by the installer.


· Additional libraries used by the frontends(such as ncurses, CDK, FLTK etc) are all linked statically. Some system libraries(libm, libc) or the X libraries are kept dynamic, since some functions need runtime support and these libraries don't change that often anyway.
· This simply means that the end user hardly needs to worry about any dependencies.
· Note that it's possible to supply different binaries for different OSes/architectures/libc's.
Last updated on August 17th, 2009
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