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A complete enterprise-ready automation solution.





ControlTier application aims to be a complete enterprise-ready automation solution. It is our goal to provide the tools needed to automate the build, release, deployment, configuration, and control of distributed, multi-tier applications. When it comes to ease of use and out of the box functionality, we haven't met all of our goals yet but we are working hard to do so. Any comments, questions, or criticisms are always welcome.

ControlTier coordinates and automates the chain of events that take place when you build and deploy a collection of integrated applications (what we call a "site").

You'll use ControlTier to:

- Coordinate your build processes (interfaces with build tools like Ant)
- Manage your build artifacts and other deployable resources in a structured repository
- Coordinate the distribution, configuration, and control of the various applications that makeup a site

Unlike most automation solutions that are focused exclusively on hardware and OS provisioning in production environments, ControlTier was built to focus on the application build and deployment processes that run all the way from Development, through QA, and into Production.
Last updated on March 4th, 2010

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