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Cmmi helps you to simplify your installation process from '.tar.gz' source archives.




Cmmi project helps you to simplify your installation process from '.tar.gz' source archives. You can be a package manager of your local site, if you are not an expert of your OS.Cmmi can make Debian, RedHat, Slackware and cygwin packages efficiently.

Cmmi manages your installation process by following features

This program can registory a tarball (an tar.gz archive file) to the ‾/cmmi directory and manage it
You can customize your particular installation instruction at the .cmmi file.

Please use this software if you face to following situations.

If you want to manage installation process on the OS such as cygwin, SunOS, etc... which does not have Package system
If you want to install the latest free software every day ( Many free software is released with .tar.gz archive only...
If you have had a problem that you forget your paticular 'configure' options for installation.
If you can read and write Perl script and sh script. ( I expect you to send me patches of Cmmi ^_^)

How to install

1. Do 'make install' (cmmi command will be installed to /usr/local/bin directory)
2. Please make '~/cmmi' Direcotry

% mkdir ~/cmmi

3. You will see a following message.

% cmmi
cmmi 0.x.x
usage : cmmi [switch] [install|clean|make|ARCFILE]
cmmi ARCFILE .... checkin ARCFILE to ~/cmmi/xxxxx/
cmmi .... configure and make
cmmi install .... install
cmmi clean .... cleaning work
switch :
-v verbose mode
-d debug mode
-n force unset '$PACKAGE_TYPE'

What's New in This Release:

The default value of $PACKAGE_PREFIX included an illegal keyword '_' for Debian packages; this has been fixed.
Support has been added for the '.depends' feature for Debian packages.
This release will check whether the ./configure script exists or doesn't exist.
Support for .bz2 archives has been added.
Last updated on January 23rd, 2007

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