metashell 0.04 Beta

metashell is a lightweight, user friendly, interactive, intelligent command-line shell.

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GPL v3 
4.0/5 15
Justin M. Wray
ROOT \ System \ Shells
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metashell is a lightweight, user friendly, intelligent, interactive command-line shell. The amazing difference with metashell lies in its ability to determine a file's datatype, and automatically run your desired applications.

metashell uses file datatypes (mime types) to determine a files type, and then using user defined applications automatically opens the files. Making the user experience in a shell easier and more user-friendly, while adding robust power to the CLI gurus of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Installation instructions:

Automatic Installation:

1) Execute auto-install (or auto-update)
2) Configure metashell to your liking
3) [OPTIONAL] Edit '/etc/passwd' and add '/bin/msh' as your shell

Manual Installation:

1) Move 'msh' to /bin (or other binary directory)
3) Copy 'metashell.config, metashell.apps, and metashell.aliases to your home directory
4) Rename 'metashell.config' to '.msh_config'
5) Rename 'metashell.apps' to '.msh_apps'
6) Rename 'metashell.aliases' to '.msh_aliases'
7) Configure metashell to your liking
8) [OPTIONAL] Edit '/etc/passwd' and add '/bin/msh' as your


Edit ~/.msh_apps to indicate what applications should be used as a default per filetype.

The file has two variables per line - filetype:application. You can edit current types, or add new ones.

The packages configuration files is setup using the Ubuntu (Gnome) default applications.

If you are using CLI Only, KDE, or another environment you will want to change the associations.

Edit ~/.msh_aliases for any command-aliases you would like to use

The file is also delimited with a colon - alias:command. You can edit current aliases, or add new ones.

Current for this release of metashell ~/.msh_config is unused, but is still shipped as a place holder, for furture configuration options.

What's New in This Release:

Fixed tilda (~) vs /home/ Handling
Rewrote Configuration Editing Engine (now OS binary independent) auto-install bug fixes - (0.03 release is broken)
Added directory listing of filetypes (filetype and wildcards)
Added auto-update
First Binary Release (using par-binary)
Cleanup of Error Handling

Last updated on February 5th, 2008

#interactive shell #command-line shell #Linux terminal #interactive #command-line #shell #terminal

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