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A small yet powerful UI to a customized secured shell in Perl




PShell provides a small yet powerful UI to a customized secured shell in Perl.

PShell is a secured shell written entirely in Perl. It has a curses menu interface and a rudimentary commandline interface. The shell has been secured by being placed into a chroot jail and allowed only certain commands or programs to be used (flexibility is added by a configuration file).

The PShell is a menu-driven and secured shell for use with SSH on a linux/UNIX-derivative operating system. Its menu design was taken from another popular menu-driven shell,

Although it may appear similar, much code has been added and removed, and with the help of a chroot environment it has become powerfully secured. All in Perl, of course, and liscenced under the GNU GPL.

Developer comments

The original developer of the loginshell program had no such liscence (even though his website differs), which is why i didnt modify much of his existing code where i could.
Last updated on December 29th, 2009

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