Hashell 0.013a

Hashell is a shell written in Haskell.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.3/5 15
Luis Araujo
ROOT \ System \ Shells
Hashell project is a shell that is written in Haskell language and which it is intended to provide a set of abstractions that allows you to use Haskell as a shell programming language.

So that way you can use haskell for your daily administration tasks. Hashell uses hs-plugins to interact with the Glasgow Haskell Compiler.

Hashell is still very alpha and buggy, *do not* assume that is stable at any level, and probably it will be so for quite a time.

Though it has been pretty stable for me lately (applications are usually very stable for authors first than for anybody else anyway) , at the moment it is more targetted to people who would like to debug, fix, and chase bugs , and if possible, adding and extending the shell itself, so please, bear in mind that while using it.

What's New in This Release:

Part of the parsing is now done with Parsec.
A new exception handler was added for Haskell expression evaluation, fixing a bug that aborted the program.
Redirection of standard error was added.
A bug with the 'quit' built-in command was fixed.
Number identifiers were added to the redirection operators.
Preliminary support for environment variables was added.
Some small bugs were fixed.

Last updated on January 9th, 2006

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