Fake User Shell Interface

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A program to help people understand and use UNIX or Linux.





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Fake User Shell Interface (fushi) is an application to help people understand and use Linux or UNIX.

Fushi is a great program, written in perl and can be used on most operating systems including windows. The project goals of fushi are three fold.

1. To make learning as easy as possible
2. To make learning as short as possible
3. To create a safe environment to learn.

In these simple goals comes great complexity of balance between them all. Fushi tries to explain everything in plain english to the user to make sure they understand as well as simulating the write command while doing so. To get use to this way of communication while inside of a unix/linux server. As well as most commands are simulated so there is almost no risk to your computer system and/or data while using this software.
Last updated on January 2nd, 2009
Fake User Shell Interface - Fake User Shell Interface exampleFake User Shell Interface - Fake User Shell Interface example

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