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DreamSSH Server




DreamSSH is a highly configurable pure-Python, Twisted-based SSH server.


You can install from PyPI, which will give you the latest released (hopefully stable) version of the software:

 sudo pip install dreamssh

If you like living on the edge, you can install from the github master branch:

 sudo pip install https://github.com/dreamhost/dreamssh/zipball/master

Finally, you can just get the code itself:

 git clone https://github.com/dreamhost/dreamssh.git


If you used pip to install DreamSSH, then you will have the necessary libraries installed. If you will be running from source code, you'll need to do the following:

 sudo pip install pyasn1
 sudo pip install PyCrypto
 sudo pip install twisted

Once the dependencies are installed, you'll need to generate the keys for use by the server:

 twistd dreamssh keygen


Once you have DreamSSH installed, interacting with the server is as easy as the following:

 twistd dreamssh

That will run in daemonized mode. If you'd like to run it in the foreground and watch the log output to stdout, just do:

twistd -n dreamssh

To log into the shell, use this command:

 twistd dreamssh shell

If you'd like to try out the alternate "toy" shell:

 twistd dreamssh --interpreter=echo

When you're ready to shut it down:

 twistd dreamssh stop

For those who have a clone of the git repo, there are development convenience make targets:

 make keygen
 make daemon
 make run
 make shell
 make stop


When you log into the Python shell:

 twistd dreamssh shell

You are greeted with something that looks like this:

: Welcome to
:________ ____________________ __
:___ __ \_________________ _______ _____ ___/_ ___/__ / / /
:__ / / /_ ___/ _ \ __ `/_ __ `__ \____ \_____ \__ /_/ /
:_ /_/ /_ / / __/ /_/ /_ / / / / /___/ /____/ /_ __ /
:/_____/ /_/ \___/\__,_/ /_/ /_/ /_//____/ /____/ /_/ /_/
: You have logged into a DreamSSH Server.
: Type 'ls()' or 'dir()' to see the objects in the current namespace.
: Enjoy!

If you follow the hints given in the banner, you can get a listing of available objects with the following command:

:>> ls()
 __builtins__ - data
 app - dreamssh.shell.pythonshell.CommandAPI.app
 banner - dreamssh.shell.pythonshell.CommandAPI.banner
 clear - dreamssh.shell.pythonshell.CommandAPI.clear
 config - dreamssh.config
 exit - dreamssh.shell.pythonshell.CommandAPI.exit
 info - dreamssh.shell.pythonshell.CommandAPI.info
 ls - dreamssh.shell.pythonshell.CommandAPI.ls
 os - os
 pprint - pprint.pprint
 quit - dreamssh.shell.pythonshell.CommandAPI.quit
 services - data
 sys - sys

If you opt for the 'echo' shell:

 twistd dreamssh --interpreter=echo

Then executing any command will looks something like this:

:>> execute any command
input = execute any command, filename = < console >

The echo shell is intended to provide insight or a starting point for developers who want to implement their own shell their users can ssh into.
Last updated on June 2nd, 2012

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