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e2retrieve is a tool to retrieve data from partial Ext2 filesystems.




e2retrieve is a data recovery tool for Ext2 filesystem. This means that e2retrieve will not try to repair the filesystem but will extract data to "copy" it to another place (another disk, NFS, Samba, ...).

Here are some key features of "e2retrieve":

can recover data from a truncated or split ext2 filesystem (in the case of a LVM with a disk that has crashed, for example),
will not write onto the ext2 filesystem it is analysing, therefore it will never increase damages previously caused,
recovers directories, directories tree, files, symbolic links and special files with their access rights, owner and modification date,
is fully written in C from scratch,
does not need any library,
can easily fit in a rescue floppy disk (in the case where you do not have enough IDE slots),
is not an undeleting tool

It started as a challenge after crash disk in a LVM (and that disk represented the first 10GB of the LVM, e.g. the first 10GB of the filesystem...), and because I wasn't able to find such a tool (now, it seems that e2extract does something similar), and e2salvage didn't do what I expected.

e2retrieve shouldn't be useful for those who are working in enterprise because they do backups (or they should do), but when when you are at home you can't pay for a full backup of 120GB, for example; but this doesn't meen you have to loose all of your data...
Last updated on July 8th, 2008

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