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Data recovery software rescues lost files from most of file systems and storages





UFS Explorer Standard Recovery is specially designed as a utility for lost and deleted files recovery from most popular file systems and storages. This read-only software recovers data lost due to damaged, deleted, formatted or corrupted disks in all logical crash cases. The program is intended for Self-service and Professional-service lost data recovery from supported file systems.

Supported FAT and NTFS (Windows); HFS+/HFSX and old HFS (Apple Mac OS); Ext2, Ext3, Reiser and XFS (Linux); UFS and UFS2 (Unix, BSD, Sun Solaris; both Sparc/Power and x86/x64 editions); traditional NWFS (Novell Netware); vendor customizations to XFS and UFS file systems.

UFS Explorer Standard Recovery supports physical disks, USB mass storage devices (including some digital cameras, MP3 players etc.) and set of virtual disks of virtual machines, created with virtualization software of major vendors (via RAID Access Plugin - VIM Import).

UFS Explorer can help with most routine data recovery tasks:
- Damaged file system reconstruction for supported file systems.
- Data recovery from failed RAID systems and virtual reconstruction of most common RAID configurations such as RAID0 (including RAID1+0, RAID 50 etc.), RAID3 (RAID4, RAID7) with byte-level data stripping support, RAID5 (most common parity distributions and delayed parity support), RAID6 (most standard parity distributions, including specific to ARECA RAID) via RAID Access Plugin - RAID Builder as well.
- Recovery of mass NAS systems with XFS, Ext3, UFS file systems (Buffalo LinkStation/TeraStation, Iomega, Adaptec Snap Servers, Promise Technologies SamartStor products, LaCie, Intel and so on).
- Automated deleted files recovery with set of advanced techniques such as partial metadata analysis, file system journal analysis and IntelliRAW.

UFS Explorer identifies localized file names even on non-unicode file systems and recognizes UTF-8, UTF-16 and ASCII with local code pages.
Last updated on January 18th, 2012
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