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A bootable CD-ROM image with a wide range of powerful system administration utilities

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SystemRescueCd is an open source Linux operating system designed for system administrators and Linux/UNIX enthusiasts who are looking for a system rescue and general system administration tool. The best usage example of the SystemRescueCd distribution is data rescue after a serious system crash, when you computer won't boot anymore.

Offers a wide range of system utilities

It comes with a wide range of system utilities, such as GNU Parted, GParted and partimage for disk partitioning tasks, TestDisk and GNU ddrescue for recovering lost partitions and restoring the bootable state of your boot partition. Several file systems utilities will help system administrators to deal with any type of filesystem task, including format, resize, move, and copy, on both Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

SystemRescueCd provides users with an advanced boot menu, which can be used to boot the live environment in different ways, boot the currently installed operating system, or run various handy system tools (Memtest86+, NTPASSWD, SGD, FreeDOS, Netboot, HDT, AIDA, GAG, DBAN and MHDD).

Supports 32-bit and 64-bit computers

Additionally, even if the SystemRescueCd ISO image has been designed for 32-bit architectures, users will be able to boot the system into both 64-bit and 32-bit rescue modes. Alternative kernels are also provided, just in case the standard ones don’t work as expected. Another interesting feature is the ability to boot from the first or the second hard disk. After booting the live media, you will be dropped to a shell prompt, where you’ll need to type the startx command in order to access the graphical environment.

Uses the Xfce desktop environment

The distribution uses the latest stable version of the lightweight Xfce desktop environment, and it will always open a terminal emulator window every time the session starts. Default applications include the Midori web browser, emelFM2 twin-panel file manager, Xfburn CD/DVD writing utility, Geany IDE (Integrated Development Environment), SpaceFM file manager, ISO Master, ePDFViewer PDF viewer, Midnight Commander file manager, and much more.

Bottom line

Overall, we strongly recommend SystemRescueCd for all your system administration, system recovery, data recovery, and disk partitioning tasks. It is our favorite system recovery CD.

SystemRescueCd was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on September 9th, 2015
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