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A file recovery tool





ReviveIt is a file recovery tool (carver). It contains a proof of concept of the Smart Carving method introduced at the 2006 DFRWS forensic (carving) challenge.

And was refined for the 2007 DFRWS forensic (carving) challenge.


The simplest way to compile this package is:

1. `cd' to the directory containing the package's source code and type `./configure' to configure the package for your system. If you're using `csh' on an old version of System V, you might need to type `sh ./configure' instead to prevent `csh' from trying to execute `configure' itself.

Running `configure' takes awhile. While running, it prints some messages telling which features it is checking for.

2. Type `make' to compile the package.

3. Optionally, type `make check' to run any self-tests that come with the package.

4. Type `make install' to install the programs and any data files and documentation.

5. You can remove the program binaries and object files from the source code directory by typing `make clean'. To also remove the files that `configure' created (so you can compile the package for a different kind of computer), type `make distclean'. There is also a `make maintainer-clean' target, but that is intended mainly for the package's developers. If you use it, you may have to get all sorts of other programs in order to regenerate files that came with the distribution.

Usage: revit [-ABeFhqvV] [-b block_size] [-c configuration_file] [-t target_directory] data_file
    -A: write the analysis log (analysis.log)
    -b: specify the block size (default is: 512)
    -B: write the buffer characteristics log (buffer.log)
    -c: specify the configuration file (default is: ./file_types.conf)
    -e: also revive embedded files
    -F: enable search for fragments
    -h: shows this usage information
    -q: be quiet, do not print status indicator
    -t: specify the target directory (default is: revived)
    -v: verbose output to stderr
    -V: print version
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