imsense 1.0

imsense is an ISO that provides IM (instant messaging) antivirus, firewall, message archiving and content filtering services.

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imsense is an ISO that provides IM (instant messaging) antivirus, firewall, message archiving and content filtering services.

Instant Messaging is a valuable business tool in todays communications age. Organizations are quickly realizing the benefits of fast and effective communication through this medium. However, it has its share of risks and liabilities. imsense provides your organization with a tool to control and secure the use of Instant Messaging and thus reap the benefits of IM.

Here are some key features of "imsense":

Message Archiving
imsense logs all the IM chats of registered users. You can then drill down from user to session to conversation and finally each single IM. You can search the message archive using various parameters.

Message Trend
Historical message trend for all users. Track IM usage in your organization.

Antivirus scanning for file transfers
Protects your organization from the risk of infection by viruses in IM attached files (file transfers).

imsense is an IM firewall. Block SPIM (Spam over Instant Messaging), block by username, block by IP Address and more. You can create and combine policies. Full logs are available for each policy match.

Content Filtering
Perform content filtering for each message using custom keywords and regular expressions. You can also set an alert to be triggered when your content filtering rules are matched.

Public IM Networks
Supports both Yahoo! and MSN Messenger networks.

User Logs
You control which users can login to imsense to view their individual message archive

Web based interface
You interact with imsense through a modern web based interface where you can add users, set firewall policies, search the message archive and more. The users which you add to imsense can login and view their individual message logs.

Fully Automated Installation
imsense has an easy to use and fully automated installation procedure. Just boot from the imsense installation CD and you're done!

imsense supports an easy to use update process. Once you receive your update file, use the Web based interface to upload the file into your imsense system and the update is done automatically.

Admin Console
An admin console is available via a remote ssh client. You can perform various tasks like configure network interfaces with DHCP/Static IP, ping or traceroute a host and more.

What's New in This Release:

■ Message Archiving
■ Message Trend
■ Web based interface for admin
■ Remote SSH console for admin
■ Supports Yahoo! and MSN Messener Networks

Last updated on August 25th, 2008

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