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A small and Open Source application center designed for Arch Linux-based distros

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Despite its strange name, Yo I'm Not Pro (package name: yoimnotpro) is an open source, small, fast and free graphical software implemented in Python/GTK+ and designed to act as an app center for installing and removing application inside an Arch Linux-based operating system. It was heavily inspired by a similar application found on the Zorin OS Linux operating system.

Separates the applications in categories

The program is engineered in such a way that it separates the applications in categories. It features more than 80 predefined packages. Once executed, the software will immediately analyze if those packages are installed or not.

Users will be able to install or remove any of the predefined applications. As its name suggests, Yo I'm Not Pro is tailored specifically for Linux beginners who want to learn their ways into Arch Linux.

Getting started with Yo I'm Not Pro

To use the Yo I'm Not Pro software, which doesn’t require installation, on your Arch Linux operating system, you will have to first download the latest release from either the project’s official website or via Softpedia, save the archive on your Home directory and unpack it.

Open a Terminal app, use the ‘cd’ command to move to the location where you have extracted the archive file (e.g. cd /home/softpedia/yoimnotpro-master) and run the ‘python yoimnotpro.py’ command to start the application.

Root password is required

Please note that besides Python, the application requires the gksu, python-gobject, webkitgtk, pywebkitgtk, gnome-themes-standard, gtk-engines, and python-cairo packages. It will also ask for the root’s password, which is not set in a standard Arch Linux distribution.

Therefore, you will have to create a new root password using the passwd command, otherwise you won’t be able to use the software. From here, you will be able to install and remove packages from your Arch Linux distro.

Yo I'm Not Pro was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on January 14th, 2015
Yo I'm Not Pro - The main window, where users can install or remove applications from the systemYo I'm Not Pro - screenshot #2

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