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TrueBSD is a LiveCD operating system based on FreeBSD with many useful applications.






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TrueBSD is a LiveCD operating system based on FreeBSD with many useful applications.

All open programs will keep working even when you eject LiveCD (using command cdcontrol eject) in order to get some data from your own CDs. Just don't forget to insert the LiveCD again before starting any other programs.

TrueBSD is distributed under BSD license (see '/truebsd/doc/copyright' for details), but some of the included software can be covered by some other license.

What's New in This Release:

Instead of CD, a DVD with a big collection of applications (including KDE, Gnome, Compiz/Beryl, Amarok, is used;
Migration to UTF-8 (Except for the system console! 8-bit encodings are still used in the console);
Migration to FreeBSD7 (It makes possible many new capabilities, about which you can read on []);
Migration to modular X;
Support for Macromedia Flash ( in all browsers, installed on the system;
Auto-config X-server when execute 'startx'-script (If the file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf' doesn't exist);
'uname -sr' now prints current version of FreeBSD, instead of TrueBSD, because it prevents to build ports; To learn the version of TrueBSD you can read /etc/version file, or run script: /sysutils/version;
Now everything (except for administrator tasks) works with "tuser"-user rights;
Bug with incorrect font size on some monitors is fixed (script '/usr/local/bin/startx');
System tools from /sysutils now print messages only in english (Because syscons didn't support Unicode);
English and russian handbooks were updated;
Written script /usr/port/ for sync ports tree;
Written script /usr/src/ for sync "world" sources (/usr/src);
Written script /sysutils/dm_daemon to switch on/off of auto-start display manager (by default used gdm);
Written script /sysutils/selectwm for choosing default window manager after first start of 'startx';
Written script /sysutils/dialupconf to setup dial-up connection;
Written script /sysutils/winmdm for load/unload module ltmdm.ko;
Written script /sysutils/xmotd which shows short system information;
Last updated on November 11th, 2010
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