RT 0.1

RT is one free real-time operating system.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Mario Viara
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RT is one free real-time operating system with one hardware depending part very little this can make possible the porting for other microprocessor.

The RT project Is one real-time operating system for the ARM 7 architecture. The main source can be used in any ARM 7 compatible microprocessor and the device driver can are tested using the Keil MCB2140 with the Philips LPC2148.

Here are some key features of "RT":

Hard real-time multi threading
Support for semaphore and mutual exclusion
User definable priorities from 001 to 254
Fast memory allocation
Free compiler.
Asynchronous serial driver for 16550 Uart.
Serial driver for the 8051 architecture
Serial console.
Sample application.
And more ....

Current porting:

ARM7 with GNUARM and Philips LPC2148 micro controller tested with the Keil MCB2140 evaluation board.
8051 using SDCC compiler tested with the J51 emulator.


Extract the package in one new directory. Set the path for the compiler desired and the variable RT to the root of the package. Es. if the package is extracted in ~/rt-0.0 set RT=~~/rt-0.0

Directory structure relative to the root of the package.

docs - Documentation directory
efsl-x.x.x - Embedded file system library
examples - Examples source directory
obj - Precompiled example
rt - RTOS main directory
script - SCript used for linking target
sdcc - SDCC utility
makefile.inc - Include makefile from all program.
makefile.efsl - Makefile for embedded file system library
makefile.rt - Makefile for RTOS library
readme.txt - This file.

Last updated on December 14th, 2006

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