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This project provides a minimal Linux operating system for the Raspberry Pi device





Moebius is an open source Linux distribution based on the Debian GNU/Linux operating system and targeted at Raspberry Pi Armhf devices.

Moebius has a minimal footprint, and size, speed and optimizations are the main goals for this Linux distribution. Installation is fairly simple:

- Download and uncompress the latest moebius-*.tar.gz archive by clicking the link above and extract it on your Linux desktop;
- Insert an empty SD card in your computer (previous contents will be erased);
- Use a disk imaging tool to copy the single image file available inside the extracted archive to your SD card. On Windows you can use the WinDD application. Linux and Mac OS X have the "dd" command. Example: dd bs=1M if=moebius-*.img of=/dev/
- Insert the SD card in your Raspberry Pi device;
- Power on the Raspberry Pi device;
- Use the user: root and the password: raspi to access the shell. The first time you login you'll see the "moebius.config" utility, which you may use to easily adapt the system to your needs.
Last updated on October 21st, 2013

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