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The Mammoth OS

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Callum Fare
ROOT \ System \ Operating Systems \ Other
Mammoth OS is an open source operating system being developed from scratch which is aiming towards being compatible with every major programming language available. Mammoth OS looks to be very modular based in design, making it customisable and versatile.

We currently have 2 full developers working on the project, currently we're in the early stages, rolling out pre-alpha versions of the kernel. First quarter 2009 we plan to have a fully functioning kernel with basic C support. Second and third quarter we'll be developing support for C, C++ and other major languages. Last quarter we will either be finishing language support or working on a basic GUI.

If anybody would like to help develop or contribute to the project, feel more than welcome, the more the merrier. The OS is being developed as a hobby for us, so the release cycle is very laid back. Developers don't need to be too experienced, we'll give you a hand learning about the OS-Specific side of things, but you're expect to have a decent knowledge of C. Knowledge of Assembly (NASM to be specific) is also an advantage.

Last updated on June 15th, 2009

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