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Kerio Control is a Virtual URT to easily build your own software appliance.

Piece together your ideal solution any way you like.

Put together a firewall solution that can fit. As you grow, we grow.
Deploy on customized hardware for better efficiency and future scalability

 * Choose between virtual environment or a dedicated server
 * Expand/upgrade components as needed
 * Available to run on a wide range of systems – desktop to server
 * Flexible hardware form factor based on minimal system requirements
 * Easy migration to secondary unit in event of hardware failure

Integrated hardened OS

 * No exploitable/vulnerable system services
 * No conflicting applications
 * Easy to install and deploy
 * Optimized for performance

Kerio Control Software Appliance

 * Kerio Control combined with a hardened a 32-bit Operating System based on Linux Kernel 2.6
 * Burnable ISO image
 * CD/DVD to standard hardware devices

Kerio Control Virtual Appliance for VMware or Parallels

 * Run multiple appliances on the same hardware
 * 32-bit Operating System based on Linux Kernel 2.6
 * Easy management tools
 * Add multiple virtual network adapters
 * Move the firewall to another server in minutes
 * Add network adapters without touching the hardware
 * Easily import into your preferred hypervisor
 * Add security to the existing network without adding hardware
Last updated on December 5th, 2010

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