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Xfce meets the FreeBSD operating system in this free edition of the GhostBSD project

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GhostBSD Xfce is an open source BSD operating system that provides users with a FreeBSD-based computing environment built around the lightweight Xfce desktop environment.

Distributed as 64-bit and 32-bit Live DVDs

It is available for download as hybrid Live DVD ISO images, designed to be deployed on either USB flash drives or blank/RW DVD discs. Both 32-bit (i386) and 64-bit (amd64) architectures are supported at this time.

Boot options

Just like any other GhostBSD flavor, this one uses a custom boot prompt that automatically starts the live environment in ten seconds if the user does not intervene during this time.

It has been designed for advanced users who want to configure specific boot parameters, as well as to start the operating system in single mode, multi user mode, or access the shell prompt for extra commands.

Built around the lightweight Xfce desktop environment

The included Xfce desktop environment will ask users if they want to use a default configuration, comprised of a bottom panel from where they can launch applications and manager running programs, or go with a single empty panel (not recommended).

Default applications

Default applications include the Mozilla Thunderbird email and news client, Mozilla Firefox web browser, Pidgin multi-protocol instant messaging client, Transmission torrent downloader, Wicd network manager, OpenOffice office suite, XChat IRC client, Rhythmbox music player, and VLC Media Player.

In addition, this GhostBSD flavor comes with the Brasero CD/DVD burning software, Disk Usage Analyzer, ePDFViewer PDF viewer, Bulk Rename file renaming utility, Clipman clipboard manager, Thunar file manager, Mousepad text editor, GIMP image editor, and Shotwell image viewer and organizer.

A note-taking, print manager, application finder, terminal emulator, audio mixer, sound recorder, log file viewer, dictionary, package manager, screen capture, and task manager utilities are also included.

Bottom line

All in all, the Xfce edition of the GhostBSD operating system is another success story, designed to run well on low-end machines and look good. It includes a nice selection of open source applications for common tasks.

GhostBSD Xfce was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on September 13th, 2015
GhostBSD Xfce - The GhostBSD operating system with the Xfce desktop environment

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