BeRTOS 2.7.0

BeRTOS is a completely free, open source, real time operating system (RTOS) suitable for embedded platforms.
BeRTOS is a completely free, open source, real time operating system (RTOS) suitable for embedded platforms. It runs on many microprocessors and microcontrollers, ranging from 8 bits to 32 bits CPUs and even PCs.

BeRTOS was born as a collection of useful, highly optimized and fine-tuned
libraries for embedded systems. Each library had its own scope and could be
used singularly in a project, though they were also meant to cooperate to
build the whole underlying software layer commonly called "operating system".

We have grown it following our guidelines: simplicity and beauty. These guidelines made it possible to evolve it in a full-featured real time operating system, with more modularity than many other embedded OSes, without giving up reliability and performance.

To achieve the highest possible reusability, most BeRTOS components are
designed for fine-grained modularity and minimal external dependencies.
Most non-essential features can be configured out for application with small
memory footprint requirements.

Main features:

  • multitasking kernel with IPC, semaphores, priority levels;
  • a comprehensive set of generic drivers for a wide range of devices, which can be easily customized to the actual hardware: timer, serial, adc, ntc, pwm, stepper motors, dc motors, lcd, keyboards, buzzer, eeprom;
  • full graphic subsystem for simple displays, with font support, bitmaps, clipping, text formatting, interactive menus;
  • simple console with command parser;
  • readline-like support for command history;
  • entropy generator and random numbers generator optimized for embedded systems;
  • checksumming and hashing functions (CRC, MD2);
  • full hash-table implementation with double-hashing collision resolution;
  • XMODEM protocol implementation;
  • RLE compression algorithm.

last updated on:
August 9th, 2011, 9:36 GMT
developed by:
Bernardo Innocenti
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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What's New in This Release:
  • New supported compiler: experimental support for IAR on Cortex-M3 CPU
  • New CPU family: support for AVR XMega CPUs.
  • New CPU: Atmel SAM3X
  • New CPU: STM32F100RB
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