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AuroraUX is an OpenSolaris derived distribution, that pulls together the best technologies empowering today's mission critical data center facilities to fighter jets that require quality software that simply cannot fail without very serious consequences.

* AuroraUX shall itself be a useable distro in its own right.
* Unify and coordinate all the other OpenSolaris distro's with a common core base that has coordinated bugs, security issues and stability fixes not unlike FreeBSD's core.
* AuroraUX shall push back as many changes upstream as we can.
* AuroraUX is just a kernel and a small userland ~200mb with text mode installer and a simple package manger to update the core *only*.
* AuroraUX shall conform to as many standards as possible to aid ISV's to support AuroraUX and thus the derived distros.
* AuroraUX shall provide a automated bi-weekly update service to update your core (kernel, drivers, address security issues etc…).
* AuroraUX shall itself be a useable distro in its own right.

AuroraUX is a Solaris-derived kernel- and user- land. The core of the project are its utilities written in Ada. When necessary, poorly implemented features get fixed or rewritten, as well.


Yes, Ada. Ada was chosen because it encompasses every ideology that the core developers believe should exist in a system.

Ada has more compile time checks than you can shake a stick at and she keeps an eye on many things at runtime, too.

Code can generally be read by just about anyone with english language skills meaning that documentation can actually be written by a "normal" person.

The language was designed such that even it's syntax promotes integrity of software.

But many thanks go to the powerful type system. These are only the tips of an iceberg and not necessarily the most important reasons.

Of course, some have shunned Ada saying it's a military language or it's an avionics language.

Yes, and C is a text-processing language and C++ is for mobile phones.

And while we won't be able to escape the grips of C for obvious reasons, we can certainly make the world a happier one by throwing out (with discretion, for now) as much as we can and replacing it with an improved userland crafted with a language designed for real-time, embedded, safety-critical, reliable and maintainable systems by using our favorite lady, Ada.

AuroraUX is a noble, non-trivial goal, but with the determination and spirit of the existing developers, it will flourish--though they would appreciate any help that is offered.

AuroraUX provides out the box support for the following 'safety focused' programming languages:

* Cyclone - A safe dialect of C. - "pure Cyclone programs are not vulnerable to a wide class of bugs that plague C programs: buffer overflows, format string attacks, double free bugs, dangling pointer accesses, etc."
* Ada 83, 95 & 2005. - Ada is structured, statically typed, imperative, and object-oriented. "Ada is widely used in critical systems, where any anomaly might lead to very serious consequences, i.e., accidental death or injury. Examples of systems where Ada is used include avionics, weapon systems (including thermonuclear weapons), and spacecraft."
* Falcon - Falcon is our scripting language of choice. "Simple, fast and powerful programming language, easy to learn and to feel comfortable with, and a scripting engine ready to empower mission-critical multithreaded applications."

We also provide the following support to meet everyone’s taste and/or requirements:

* Fortran & C/C++.
* Assembler support for: PowerPC, UltraSPARC, ARM, AVR and x86/x64.

Each leading member of the OpenSolaris based distro communities shall be a board member to aid in unifying a standards body between us and a set path to a strong well polished foundation for each board member’s derived distro.
Last updated on June 30th, 2009

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