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Argante provides a secure, distributed, and fast VS machine.




Argante provides a secure, distributed, and fast VS machine.

Argante is a fully operational, virtual environment for effective, secure, and accurate development of network appliances and other solutions (distributed routers, heterogenic, and self-adapting clusters).

Argante is a fully virtual environment for running applications on Unix
systems. This makes many people think about Java and its sandbox for example, although the technical reasons Argante is based on were totally different.

For one thing, Argante is a complete operating system. It has its own
implementation of processes, inter-process communication, filesystem,
access control... All built on the top of basic real OS low-level
implementation, but with own control mechanisms, own semantics and so on.
Why all this? I will try to explain:

The standard architecture of operating systems and hardware (e.g processors) falls flat when it comes to security and stability of the software.
To be short: it lacks low lewel support for general access control, error
handling (primitive techniques existing in, say, the 80386 series are not
enough), and the architecture of stack or data segment usage is based on
some mistaken assumptions.
Last updated on March 1st, 2007

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