openSUSE KDE4 Live CD 13.2

The KDE Live CD edition of the openSUSE Linux operating system for 64/32-bit architectures

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What's new in openSUSE KDE4 Live CD 13.2:

  • Innovative:
  • Built around the most innovative technologies Linux has to offer: Snapper to take the most from snapshots capability of the powerful Btrfs filesystem offered as default option, Wicked to bring light to network configuration, Dracut to ensure shorter boot times… For users asking for even more innovation Plasma 5.1, the next generation workspace by KDE, is also available as a technical preview.
  • Polished:
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Novell, Inc.
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openSUSE KDE4 Live CDopenSUSE KDE4 Live CDopenSUSE KDE4 Live CDopenSUSE KDE4 Live CDopenSUSE KDE4 Live CDopenSUSE KDE4 Live CDopenSUSE KDE4 Live CDopenSUSE KDE4 Live CD
openSUSE KDE4 Live CD is an open source distribution of Linux derived from the official openSUSE Linux operating system and build around the KDE Plasma Workspaces and Applications environment.

Distributed as 64-bit and 32-bit Live DVDs

This flavor is dedicated to KDE4 fans and it’s distributed as two Live DVD ISO-hybrid images designed to run directly from DVD discs or USB sticks. It supports both 64-bit and 32-bit architectures and can be easily installed as-is.

Its main purpose is to provide users with a straightforward way to test and install the openSUSE Linux distribution only with the KDE desktop environment. The Live DVDs can also be used to run a memory test or boot an existing operating system.

Awesome KDE4 desktop environment

The live KDE4 session is crafted to perfection and designed to please even the most critic of critics. It’s comprised of a single taskbar, from where users can access the main menu, launch favorite apps, interact with running programs, as well as with the system tray area and other KDE functions.

Default applications

Default applications include the Konqueror and Mozilla Firefox web browser, KMail email client, KTorrent torrent downloader, Amarok music player, K3b CD/DVD burning software, digiKam photo management program, Kopete instant messenger, Konversation IRC client, Choqok Twitter/Facebook client, and Gwenview image viewer.

The openSUSE Project offers easy and free access to the world's most usable operating system, SUSE Linux. It is a distribution for your desktop or server computer and portable laptop, which will allows you to surf the web, do office work, manage your photos and emails, play music or videos, or host a fully functional website.

Bottom line

Whether you just want to test the custom KDE4 desktop environment provided by the openSUSE Linux operating system, or you want to make this edition your only operating system, the KDE Live image of openSUSE works flawlessly, but only on high-end machines.

openSUSE KDE4 Live CD was reviewed by , last updated on November 16th, 2014

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