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An unofficial Ubuntu flavor that replaces Unity with the MATE desktop environment

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mateu is an open source distribution of Linux derived from the world’s most popular free operating system, Ubuntu, and built around the traditional and lightweight MATE graphical desktop environment, a fork of the GNOME Classic interface.

It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit hardware platforms

The distribution is available for download as two Live DVD ISO images or approximately 1GB in size each, one for each of the supported hardware platforms (32-bit and 64-bit).

The user will be able to quickly start the live system

Both Live DVD images use a standard bootloader that allows the user to start the live system with default boot options and drivers or in safe graphics mode, perform a memory diagnostic test, start the installer directly, as well as to boot an existing operating system from the first disk drive detected by the BIOS.

You must log in before using the MATE environment

Unfortunately, the distribution has been designed in such a way that it will drop users to a login screen where they must enter the “mateu” users name (without any password) to log into the system.

The MATE desktop environment uses a two-panel layout, one on the upper part of the screen from where you can easily navigate the main menu and launch applications, and another one located on the bottom edge of screen and designed for quick interaction with running programs.

Includes a small collection of software

Despite the fact that it weights approximately 1GB in size, the operating system includes a small collection of software, such as the VLC Media Player, Midor web browser, Wicd network manager, GDebi Debian/Ubuntu package installer, as well as all the MATE-specific applications.

Bottom line

Summing up, mateu tries to be the unofficial MATE edition of Ubuntu, providing users with a classic graphical desktop environment in the style of GNOME 2. It is suitable for low-end machines or computers with old hardware components. Keep in mind though, that it is no longer under active development.

mateu was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on July 8th, 2014
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