live.linux-gamers 0.9.7

A bootable Linux kernel-based operating system with a collection of popular 3D games
live.linux-gamers - The desktop environment of the linuX-gamers Live DVD operating system
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live.linux-gamers is an open source and freely distributed gaming-oriented operating system based off of the amazing and powerful Arch Linux distribution. It features the

It’s distributed as Live DVD and Live CD editions, available only for 32-bit platforms

A Live DVD of live.linux-gamers is available for users who want to own a complete copy of the operating system with all the games pre-installed. The Live DVD has approximately 4.4GB in size and must be written on a DVD disc or a USB thumb drive of 8GB or higher capacity.

Users who don’t want to download the huge Live DVD ISO image or have a limited bandwidth plan, can download the Live CD edition of live.linux-gamers, which contains a small collection of games. Both ISOs contain software packages optimized for 32-bit (i686) hardware platforms.

The live system is bootable in normal mode

From the boot menu, which will appear first when you boot the any of the aforementioned Live ISOs from the BIOS of a computer, the user can start the live system and use it without installing anything on his or her disk drive. The operating system is bootable in normal mode, but you can also run a RAM test or reboot/shutdown the computer.

The graphical desktop environment uses three docks

In order to access the desktop environment, you must first choose a keyboard map. The graphical session is powered by the lightweight Openbox window manager and uses no more than three docks (application launchers), which have been designed to allow you to quickly launch your favorite games.

The Live DVD contains a vast amount of open-source games

In alphabetical order, the following games are included in the Live DVD edition of live.linux-gamers: Armagetron Advanced, Astromenace, Blobby Volley, Chromium-BSU, Extreme Tux Racer, Foobillard, Frets On Fire, Frozen Bubble, Hedgewars, Lbreakout2, LinCity-NG, Ltris, Mars-Shooter, MegaGlest, Neverball, Neverputt, Nexuiz, OpenLieroX, OpenTTD, Osmos Demo, Pingus, Scorched 3D, Secret Maryo Chronicles, Speed Dreams, SuperTuxKart, Teeworlds, Tremulous, Urban Terror, Warsow and Warzone 2100.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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ROOT \ Linux Distributions
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What's New in This Release:
  • improved user expierence and autoconfiguration
  • support for chipsets of recent boards
  • updated games
  • new additional games
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live.linux-gamers is an open source operating system derived from Arch Linux and designed for gamers of all ages. It i...

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