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eAR OS is a state-of-the-art Linux operating system.





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eAR OS is a state-of-the-art Linux operating system. It can run directly from a Live-CD and optionally be installed to a hard disk. That means you can try it out before you install it - for FREE!

eAR OS comes with the very advanced and beautifully simple to operate eAR Media Center. eAR Media Center is running out-of-the-box. Tune in the digital TV programs and rip some CD's to the hard disk in lossless FLAC quality, watch Digital TV and DVD's, listen to Internet Radio, view Photos, listen to Music while surfing the Internet, and Enjoy.


1) Insert the Live CD and wait for the welcome menu and press ENTER.
2) When the Live CD is up and running then click the Install Icon:

3) Enter the password from the README-FREE.TXT file.
4) Follow the installation steps and let the installer run.
5) When the installer is finished Click Reboot. Wait 30 seconds and the Live CD will close down.
6) Now press the Reset button or remove the power of your machine. When starting then remember to remove the Live CD or select to boot from HD.
7) Now you should read the README-FREE.TXT file you can find on the desktop.

What's New in This Release:

The new eAR OS version 1.10b has been updated to use the new FireFox 3 browser with Mediaplayer Connectivity plugin to watch movies on the Internet.

eAR OS version 1.10b is faster, because now the graphical rendering of the eAR Media Center is hardware accelerated, it comes with a brand new theme for a better look, now you can select a username and password of your own choice, and it comes with many other improvements. All packages are the very newest and it comes with Real-Time Linux kernel 2.6.24-19.

The installation is easier too: If you want it to be up and running after installation to the hard disk with a minimum of tweaking, then enter earmusic to be the username and select a password of your own choice. Else select a username of your own choice too and run the new wizard-places utility to specify where your music, video and photos are located. When running the new Wizard it is important that you specify digital TV Recordings and TV Time Shifts to be stored in the eAR-Video folder. Then you can watch your recorded TV programs inside the eAR Media Center.
Last updated on June 23rd, 2008
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