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blueflops is a two floppies Linux distribution with a graphical web browser ("links" using svgalib) and an IRC client (tirc).




blueflops is a Linux distribution on two floppies with a graphical web browser ("links" using svgalib) and an IRC client (tirc).

The kernel version is with almost all of the Ethernet drivers and PPP support (for dial-up connections).

The C library is uClibc-0.9.26, busybox-1.00 is slightly modified, the kernel image is compressed with UPX-1.90 .

You will be able to use https thanks to OpenSSL. One of the neat features is the configuration procedure. The scripts are all accessible by a 'setup' script, and have a nice 'dialog' front-end. Once the setup is completed the configuration can be saved, loaded, erased, it's name changed (you get the picture...).

Here are some key features of "blueflops":

Network connectivity:

· dial-up (PPP) - with support for Deflate and BSD-Compress algorithms
· DHCP client
· Ethernet cards:
· 3COM: 3c501, 3c503, 3c505, 3c507, 3c509/3c569/3c579, 3c515, 3c590/3c900, 3cr990
· AMD LANCE and PCnet (AT1500, NE2100)
· Western Digital/SMC: WD80*3, SMC Ultra, SMC Ultra 32
· SMC 9194
· Racal-Interlan (Micom): NI5010, NI5210, NI6510
· Tulip: dc2104x, dc2114x, DIGITAL EtherWORKS, Winbond W89c840, Davicom DM910x/DM980x, Xircom CardBus
· AT1700/1720/RE1000Plus
· DEPCA, DE10x, DE200, DE201, DE202, DE422
· HP 10/100VG PCLAN
· Cabletron E21xx
· EtherWORKS 3 (DE203, DE204, DE205)
· EtherExpress 16
· EtherExpressPro/EtherExpress 10 (i82595)
· LP486E
· ICL EtherTeam 16i/32
· ISA NE2000/NE1000
· Zenith Z-Note
· SEEQ8005
· AMD PCnet32
· AMD 8111
· Adaptec Starfire/DuraLAN
· Ansel Communications EISA 3200
· Apricot Xen-II
· Broadcom 4400
· nForce
· CS89x0
· Digi Intl. RightSwitch SE-X
· Intel PRO/100+
· Mylex EISA LNE390A/B
· Myson MTD-8xx
· National Semiconductor DP8381x
· PCI NE2000
· Novell/Eagle/Microdyne NE3210 EISA
· Racal-Interlan EISA ES3210
· RealTek RTL-8139 C+
· RealTek RTL-8139/8129/8130
· SiS 900/7016
· SMC EtherPower II
· Sundance Alta
· TI ThunderLAN
· VIA Rhine
· pocket and portable adapters: AT-LAN-TEC/RealTek, D-Link DE600/DE620
· PCMCIA: 3Com 3c589/3c574, Fujitsu FMV-J18x, NE2000, New Media, SMC 91Cxx, Xircom 16-bit, Asix AX88190
· USB CDC Ethernet


· links - a graphical web browser with SSL and partial javascript support
· links_text - the text mode version
· tirc - an IRC client
· tetris - the famous game
· fdisk - command line partitioning program
· cfdisk - ncurses version
· e3 - text editor with WordStar keybindings
· e3em - Emacs mode
· e3ne - Nedit mode
· e3pi - Pico mode
· e3vi - vi mode
· ssh (dbclient) - small SSH client
· ifconfig
· nslookup
· netstat
· ping
· route
· telnet
· traceroute
· tar
· gzip/gunzip
· bunzip2
· unzip

Supported file systems:

· minix
· tmpfs


· i386 processor
· 16 MB RAM (OK, you can use it with 8 megs and swap space if you're desperate)


-run './' - on a serious OS, 'install.bat' on DOS, Windows
-write "blueflops 1" and "blueflops 2" on the floppies
-boot the first floppy and insert the second one when prompted

What's New in This Release:

· kernel
· links-2.1.pre19 with a new set of fonts (cyrillic included)
· busybox-1.1.0-pre1
· syslinux-3.11
· "rhapsody" replaced "tirc" as the IRC client
· "cfdisk" was removed
· ext2 replaced minix
· "extlinux" replaced "LILO" as the bootloader
· Russian translation
· support for ULi M5261/M5263 Ethernet Controller
Last updated on November 20th, 2005

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