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A freely distributed gaming edition of the Zorin OS Linux-based operating system

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Zorin OS Gaming is a free Linux distribution, a flavor of the well known Zorin OS project specifically designed for gamers. It is based on the latest stable version of Ubuntu and comes with a plethora or games, as well as several video game emulators.

Distributed as 32-bit and 64-bit Live DVDs

The operating system is distributed as a two Live DVD ISO image, one for each of the supported hardware platforms (64-bit and 32-bit). They can be used directly from a bootable medium, such as a DVD disc or a USB flash drive (4GB or larger is required).

As usual, when booting the live environment you will be presented with some familiar options, such as the ability to start an existing operating system installed on the first disk drive or run a memory test.

Modern desktop environment based on GNOME

The desktop environment is the same as in other Zorin OS editions, a highly customized version of the controversial and open source GNOME desktop environment. It is made to look similar to a Windows desktop.

In case you encounter issues with your video card, it is recommended to use the safe graphics mode option on the boot prompt. In addition, you can install the operating system directly, without testing it (not recommended).

Default applications

Among the included games, we can mention Armagetron Advanced, Billard-GL, Brutal Chess, Freeciv, M.A.R.S., OpenTTD, Pingus, PokerTH, Trigger, Warzone 2100, Xmoto, Xonotic, Extreme Tux Racer, Frozen-Bubble, Neverball, Pacman, SuperTux 2, Super TuxKart, and Warmux.

Default applications include the Steam for Linux client, Empathy instant messenger, Google Chrome web browser, Skype video and voice conferencing client, Mozilla Thunderbird email and news client, Transmission torrent downloader, Blender 3D graphics creator, GIMP image editor, and LibreOffice office suite.

Bottom line

Overall, Zorin OS Gaming is a nice addition to the family of Zorin OS distributions. It features a very attractive user interface and include a nice collection of games for all ages.

Zorin OS Gaming was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on November 16th, 2014
Zorin OS Gaming - The default desktop environment of the Zorin OS 8 Gaming operating system

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