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An Ubuntu-based Linux operating system aimed at Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X users

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Zorin OS a free Linux distribution designed for Linux beginners. It provides users with a computing environment that is quite similar to the desktop environments of the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X commercial operating systems. It is based on Ubuntu Linux, which says a lot about it already. Being declared the most popular free Linux operating system in the world, Ubuntu is targeted at the novice and standard desktop users.

Distributed as 64-bit Live CD

Zorin OS aims to be multi-functional, includes exclusive software, and it is distributed as a Live CD ISO image that supports only the 64-bit architecture. The system can be used directly from the Live media or installed on a local disk drive. The boot menu is not so different from other Linux operating systems and it allows users to start the live environment, start the installer, test the RAM, or boot the operating system that is already installed.

Astonishing desktop experience

The desktop experience in Zorin OS is quite astonishing. It features only a taskbar, which includes the main menu, the application launcher and the system tray area. The truth is that the desktop environment is actually a highly customized version of the GNOME window manager. So customized that only Linux experts will recognize it. Not to mention that it includes some eye-candy effects, which are not available by default on Windows or Mac OS X.

Default applications

Google Chrome is the default web browser, Nautilus can be used to manage your files, and Noise can be used to listen to your favorite tracks. In addition to the usual utilities (calculator, text editor, archive manager, etc.), Zorin OS comes with the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, Empathy instant messenger, OpenShot video editor, Cheese webcam app, Brasero CD/DVD burning tool, Totem (Video) video player, and the powerful LibreOffice office suite. Wine is also installed by default in case you want to run some Windows applications. The distribution uses the official Ubuntu software repositories, as well as their own sources.

Bottom line

Whether you are in the process of migrating from a Windows operating system, or you just want to get started with Linux, we strongly recommend to download and install Zorin OS on your personal computer and laptop. You won’t regret it!

Zorin OS was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 1st, 2015
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