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A desktop oriented distribution of Linux based on the latest Xfce and Ubuntu technologies

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Welcome to the Natty Narwhal edition of Xubuntu, a special flavor of Ubuntu suitable for low-end machines. It uses Xfce as its default desktop environment and the latest Linux technologies, which are also implemented in Ubuntu.

Availability, supported platforms and boot options

As usual, Xubuntu Linux is available for download as Desktop and Alternate CD ISO images, engineered to support both 64-bit and 32-bit hardware platforms. They can be easily written on USB flash drives using Disks or UNetbootin applications, as well as burned onto CD discs using any CD/DVD burning software.

The boot options are unchanged from previous Xubuntu releases, enabling users to try the operating system without installing it, perform a RAM test, boot an existing OS from the first disk, check the disc for defects (only if using a CD media), as well as to install the distro without testing it, which is something that we don't recommend to novices.

Modern, yet lightweight Xfce desktop environment with great apps

We know understand why Canonical started to modify the Xubuntu operating system, partially dropping the darkish theme on the 10.10 release. The brand-new desktop layout is astonishing, providing users with a dark-grey panel located on the upper part of the screen from where they can access the main menu and system tray area, launch apps and interact with them, and a bottom dock (hidden by default).

The software collection has been modified a little, as the Exaile music player was replaced with the more lightweight gmusicbrowser application. Other than that, most packages have been updated to their latest versions, including Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Pidgin IM client, Transmission torrent downloader, GIMP image editor, and Synaptic Package Manager.

Bottom line

in conclusion, Xubuntu 11.04 is the most beautiful release of this Xfce-powered Ubuntu operating system. It was supported by Canonical from April 28, 2011 until October 28, 2012, and is available here for historical purposes only.

Xubuntu was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on May 19th, 2014
Xubuntu - The default desktop environment of the Xubuntu 11.04 Linux distribution

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