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Working Centre Linux Project is a Debian-based distribution geared towards low-powered computers.




Working Centre Linux Project is a Debian-based distribution geared towards low-powered computers (25mhz 486s w/16MB ram/400MB disk). The project exists to provide cheap, legal software, familiar software for refurbished computers – software usable for those who have never used computers, or those who have only used a Windows environment.

What makes this distribution different from the dozens of other distributions that have been created?

There are a few other differences worth noting. We designed this installation of Linux to provide an inexpensive, practical bundle of software for our recycled computers that home users would find useful. To help us reach this goal, we made the following five design decisions:

- The system must run on donated hardware. The minimum requirements for our machines are 25mhz 486s with 16MB of RAM, 400MB of disk space and a VGA display. Currently, we target Pentiums with 32MB of RAM, a 1GB hard drive and a VGA display.
- Software should be inexpensive or free. We prefer open-source software to proprietary software, but will choose a cheap proprietary package if no suitable open-source project exists. We also strongly prefer software pre-packaged for Debian.
- The system should have a GUI that feels familiar to people with Windows experience.
- Data files should be compatible with Windows applications.
- The system should not hide UNIX.

Some other projects share some of these design goals, but none shares them all. We keep our hardware requirements low, and yet demand a familiar graphical interface and applications that will feel familiar to our users.

What's New in This Release:

This is the latest (and probably final) release of the Working Centre Linux Project.
It fixes some usability issues and provides an ISO that can be used to install the project.
Last updated on June 25th, 2006

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