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One of the most popular Linux distributions specifically designed for Internet cafes

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Webconverger is a free Linux-based operating system that act as a web kiosk (browser-only) computing environment powered by open source technology and the well known Mozilla Firefox web browser.

It is ideal for public places where the need for guest computers or thin clients is a must, such as libraries, Internet Cafes, tourist information centres, and even banks. It provides users with only a web browser, locked down by default.

While Webconverger is extremely easy to setup and deploy, it requires very low system requirements and offers very good security. Not to mention that maintaining such a system is both cost effective and drop dead easy.

Distributed as a dual-arch Live CD

The system is distributed as a single Live CD ISO image deployable on either a USB flash drive, using the UNetbootin application, or on a blank CD or DVD disc, using any CD/DVD burning software.

Besides being a Live CD, the system can be installed permanently on a local disk drive, an operation that requires no previous knowledge with Linux OS installations, as you will basically have to press the Enter key on your keyboard three times.

Boot options

The Live CD can also be used to start and use the live environment directly from the boot medium, as well as to run a memory test or start an existing operating system. It’s supported only on 32-bit (i486 and i686-PAE) instruction set architectures.

A browser-only operating system

Before you can actually use the browser-only operating system, you’ll have to configure a few aspects, such as the start page, after how many minutes the kiosk will be restarted, choose between a user interface with or without URL address bar, as well as to disable the screensaver.

Bottom line

Overall, Webconverger is a pretty good lock down web kiosk computing environment that does not require registration or accounts, supports Flash and Java technologies, and it’s easy for new users to use immediately.

Webconverger was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on July 30th, 2015
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