Voltalinux 2.0

A Slackware-based GNU/Linux distribution that uses NetBSD's pkgsrc package manager
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Voltalinux is a freely distributed, open source and unique distribution of Linux derived from the powerful Slackware Linux operating system. It replaces Slackware’s default package management system with the pkgsrc package manager of the NetBSD operating system.

It’s distributed as an installable-only ISO image

The Voltalinux distro can be downloaded from Softpedia as an installable-only ISO image, which means that you won’t be able to try the operating system without installing it. The ISO image supports 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x86_64) computers.

Offers advanced boot options

Being based on Slackware, the Voltalinux distribution offers advanced boot options when booting the ISO image from the BIOS of a computer, using either a CD disc or a USB flash drive. It is possible to pass extra parameters to the kernel, otherwise just press the Enter key to start the installation.

Uses a text-based installer

Before anything else, use the “root” username to log in. Then, you will need to create one or more Linux partitions, including a SWAP partition prior to installation. To start the installation just type “setup” (without quotes) at the boot prompt.

How to install Voltalinux

The installer will require you to choose a keyboard layout, set up your SWAP partition, set up your target partition(s), select source media, select categories of software to install, install the selected software packages, as well as to configure the network, system clock, bootloader, users and passwords. The entire installation process should take about five minutes on a decent computer.

There’s no graphical environment

The truth is that Voltalinux is a distribution for geeks who just want to try a new experiment, using Slackware Linux with the pkgsrc package manager of the NetBSD operating system. It does not feature a graphical environment. In addition, it includes several tools aimed program development and networking.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Matteo Garofano
ROOT \ Linux Distributions
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Voltalinux is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Slackware Linux and featuring the pkgsrc package management system fro...

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