Ubuntu GNOME 13.10

The official GNOME remix of the world's most popular free operating system, Ubuntu Linux

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GPL v3 
Canonical Ltd.
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Ubuntu GNOME - The default desktop environment of the Ubuntu GNOME 13.10 operating system
Welcome to the Saucy Salamander edition of Ubuntu GNOME, an open source operating system based on the Desktop flavor of Ubuntu and built around the modern and productive GNOME desktop environment. The project's main goal is to offer a complete and pure GNOME desktop experience to all fans of the open source desktop environment.

Still distributed as Desktop Live DVD images, now with a beautiful boot loader

The Ubuntu GNOME 13.10 was officially announced by Canonical on October 17, 2013 along with other Ubuntu flavors, and it is supported with security patches and software updates until July 2014. It's distributed as Desktop Live DVD ISO images for the 32-bit (i386) and 64-bit (amd64) architectures.

The artwork on the Live DVD's boot loader has been revamped with a custom logo and a beautiful grey background. It is still useful for trying Ubuntu GNOME without installing, testing the memory, booting from the first disk, checking the disc for defects and installing the distribution on a local disk.

Still using an old version of the GNOME desktop environment

Unfortunately, we were very disappointed to see that Ubuntu GNOME uses the latest stable release from the 3.8 branch of the GNOME desktop environment, despite the fact that GNOME 3.10 was ready for distribution from September 25, 2013.

Among the preinstalled applications, we can mention the Mozilla Firefox web browser, Deja Dup backup program, Empathy instant messenger, Evolution email and calendar client, Cheese webcam viewer, Transmission BitTorrent client, Totem movie player, Rhythmbox music player, and LibreOffice office suite.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Ubuntu GNOME 13.10 is once again a major disappointment and to be honest we don't even understand why waste so much manpower on a project whose main objective is to provide users with a mostly pure version of the latest GNOME desktop environment.

Ubuntu GNOME was reviewed by , last updated on May 20th, 2014

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