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An educational live Linux operating system designed for children 2- to 10-years-old

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UKnow4Kids is an open source distribution of Linux designed for small children as an educational computer operating system that is easy to use and install. It is derived from the lightweight and powerful Arch Linux distro.

It’s distributed as a 32-bit Live DVD

The operating system can be downloaded from its official website or via Softpedia (see link above) as a Live DVD ISO image that contains software packages optimized only for the 32-bit (i686) instruction set architecture.

Text-mode boot menu includes advanced options

The Live DVD boot menu includes advanced options, such as the ability to start the live system without swap or by copying the contents of the ISO image to RAM and run the operating system from there, ejecting the bootable medium.

In addition, it will offer you various tools, such as a memory test and the ability to install the GRUB bootloader on the first disk drive detected by the BIOS, edit GRUB settings, boot diskless, as well as to boot an existing Linux or Windows operating system.

Features GCompris, TuxMath and Tux Paint applications

The primary educational applications included in UKnow4Kids are the GCompris educational suite, Tux Paint drawing program and the TuxMath mathematics arcade game.

Comes with many additional applications

It comes with many additional applications, including the KGeography geography training, Kiten Japanese reference/learning tool, KLettres tool for learning letters and their sounds, KTouch touch-typing training, TuxType touch-typing training, KTurtle logo-like programming tool, KWordQuiz general flashcard program and Parley memorization training utility.

In addition, the KAlgebra graphical mathematical calculator, Kalzium periodic table reference, KBruch practice fractions tool, Kig geometric exploration software, KmPlot mathematical function plotter, Kstars desktop planetarium program, Marble virtual globe and world atlas, Step interactive physics simulator, Mozilla Firefox web browser, PCManFM file manager and Leafpad text editor are also included.

UKnow4Kids was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 21st, 2014
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