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U-lite's idea is a lightweight Linux distribution based on Ubuntu OS. So not just to make a small linux as this has been done before (Puppy Linux, Damn Small linux, the Rule Project). Nor to make a useable linux based desktop Operating system (that has been done with Ubuntu Linux, Beatrix).

The idea is to bring the power of Ubuntu to the typical users of Legacy hardware (ie the grandma who gets an old P2 set up for her but does not know how to use it).

So to this end the operating system needs to be:

* Easily used by people with minimal computer skills
* Useable on a resurected system (see system specifications below)
* and is able to satisfy a typical users requirement of Applications and functionality.

These are the three core aims of the U-lite Project.
Last updated on August 21st, 2006

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U-lite's idea is to bring the power of Ubuntu across to the users of Legacy systems.


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