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Installable Tracks Live CD that is easy to use, lightweight and based on Ubuntu Linux

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TurnKey Zimbra Live CD is an open source project that provides users with an easy-to-use and powerful appliance for deploying dedicated server machines with the Zimbra collaboration software. It is based on an LTS (Long Term Support) release of the well known Ubuntu Linux operating system.

Zimbra is an open source and web-based groupware application that includes a collaboration suite, group and email calendars, online document machups and authoring, state-of-the-art search functionality, as well as an Ajax web interface.

Key features of this appliance include Zimbra configurations that are pre-configured with example domains, DNS related packages, patched init script for improved verbosity, secure authentication process using SSL, and Fetchmail for remote email forwarding and retrieval.

In addition to the above, this TurnKey edition features support for secure connections using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) specification, a custom zimbra-conf script for regenerating Zimbra-related secrets and changing domain/hostanme, and no automatic updates for Zimbra.

While the default username for the Webmin, SSH and Webshell components is root, the Zimbra username is admin@example.com, which uses the password turnkey. Users can set a root (system administrator) password during the installation process.

The project is distributed as a single Live CD ISO image, supporting only the 32-bit hardware platform. It can be burned onto a blank CD disc using any CD/DVD burning software, or written to a USB flash drive using Disks or UNetbootin application.

From the boot prompt of the Live CD, you can try the appliance without installing anything on your computer, as well as to directly install it on a local disk drive. The entire installation process takes place in text-mode (CLI) and requires users to only partition the disk drive and install the bootloader.

During the first boot configuration process, you can initialize the TurnKey hub services, as well as to view the IP addresses and ports of the active services.

TurnKey Zimbra Live CD was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on April 26th, 2014
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