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Installable PostgreSQL Live CD that is easy to use, lightweight and based on Debian

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TurnKey PostgreSQL Live CD is an open source distribution of Linux designed from the ground up to provides users with an easy-to-use method for deploying dedicated servers with the PostgreSQL database. It is based on the well known Debian GNU/Linux operating system.

PostgreSQL is an open source, fully-featured and object-relational database system that features ACID transactions, Unicode support, views, foreign keys, outer joins, triggers, and sequences. This TurnKey appliance contains all the necessary components for installing and deploying a working PostgreSQL server.

The PostgreSQL package provided has been configured to listen on port 5432/TCP for all network interfaces and accepts connections from all hosts. In addition, the phpPgAdmin software is installed by default for easy administration of the PostgreSQL databases.

Among other features, we can mention support for PostGIS spatial and geographic objects system, encrypted passwords, as well as various Webmin modules for configuring PostgreSQL, Apache and PHP.

While the default username for the Webmin and SSH components is root, the default username for PostgreSQL and phpPPgAdmin is postgres. Keep in mind that the 'postgres' user is trusted when connecting over local UNIX sockets.

The project is distributed as Live CD ISO images that can be burned to CD discs or written to USB flash drives. In addition, virtual images for Xen, OpenVZ, OpenStack, OVF and OpenNode are provided on the project's homepage.

From the boot prompt for the Live CDs, users will be able to install the appliance on a local disk drive, as well as to try it without installing anything on their computers (demo mode). The text-mode installation requires users to only partition the disk and install the bootloader.

During the first boot configuration process, it is possible to enter a password for the root (system administrator) account, as well as for the 'postgres' account. Optionally, you can enable the TurnKey hub services (Domain Management, Dynamic DNS, Backup and Migration).

TurnKey PostgreSQL Live CD was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on April 28th, 2014
TurnKey PostgreSQL Live CDTurnKey PostgreSQL Live CDTurnKey PostgreSQL Live CD

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