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Easily deploy OpenBravo on real hardware with this Ubuntu-based Live CD appliance from TurnKey

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TurnKey OpenBravo Live CD is a free and open source software appliance based on the second LTS release of the Ubuntu Linux operating system. It is specifically tailored for users who want to deploy dedicated OpenBravo server machines and don't have time to manually install all the required packages.

OpenBravo is an open source and web-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for small and medium sized businesses. It can be used to get an overview of your company, order tracking, production and customer information, inventory, as well as workflow information.

Key features of this TurnKey appliance include all of the upstream OpenBravo configurations, the Apache Jk load balancer Tomcat connector, JkMounts, host-manager, manager, admin, Tomcat manager and admin roles, Tomcat admin user, as well as Tomcat AJP connector.

In addition, the OpenBravo appliance comes with system wide Java and Tomcat environment variables, out-of-the-box support for secure connections, a Postfix mail server for sending emails to users, and, for security reasons, the Tomcat HTTP connector listener has been removed.

Another interesting feature is the ability to regenerate all secrets during the installation and first boot configuration processes. Also, various Webmin modules will ensure safe and easy configuration of Apache, Postfix and PostgreSQL servers.

The appliance is distributed as a single Live CD ISO images for the x86 hardware platform, which means that it also supports 64-bit architectures. From the boot prompt, you can try the appliance without installing anything on your computer, or start an existing operating system installed on the first disk.

Furthermore, it is also possible to directly install the distribution from the boot menu of the Live CD, using the text-mode installer. The entire installation process should take a few minutes and at the end will display several methods for accessing the OpenBravo appliance, such as SSH, SFTP, Web Shell or Webmin.

TurnKey OpenBravo Live CD was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on April 30th, 2014
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