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An uClibc-based micro Linux distribution that allows anyone to deploy a Tor server in a few minutes

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Tor-ramdisk is an open source Linux distribution built around the uClibc library component and designed to provide users with a minimalistic computing environment for securely deploying a Tor server in the physical memory of a PC.

As you already know, Tor is an open source project that allows users to install and enter into a network of virtual tunnels where they can securely and safely surf the Internet using random Tor servers.

Distributed as a 32-bit Live CD

It is distributed as a single Live CD ISO image, designed to support only the 32-bit (x86) instruction set architecture. It’s actively developed and updated with the latest version of the included packages.

Talking about included packages, the main components are Tor, Busybox and OpenSSH. However, it also include a few other libraries and utilities that all together make for a 6MB ISO image.

Boot options

There are no options on the boot medium, it start immediately and copies the necessary file on the computer’s physical memory (RAM), allowing you to transform a very old computer into an encrypted virtual Tor servers (node) that can be used to protect a local network against traffic analysis.

Being a RAM only Tor server, Tor-ramdisk can be used by people who want to automatically erase all traces of their network activity when shutting down the computer, including private SSL keys that are stored externally.

It's extremely fast

In addition, the project is extremely fast as it doesn’t need to access an internal disk drive to store its configuration and files, as well as to run on obsolete hardware components and computers.

Unfortunately, when using Tor-ramdisk it is not possible to host Tor’s hidden functionality and their resources, which will allow users to access various other services, such as HTTP. But it is the perfect solution for those who want to deploy an exit or middle node.

Tor-ramdisk was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on November 1st, 2014
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