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TinyFlux is a PCLOS remaster using Fluxbox as the sole window manager.




TinyFlux is a PCLOS remaster using Fluxbox as the sole window manager. The original reason for this was I was trying to create a mini-PCLOS that would load on an old laptop I have knocking around. In the end, I got it loaded, but couldn't get it to install. Anyway, despite this, I have started to delve into the workings of fluxbox and found it to present a different user experience, a different ethos if you like, for people who want a minimal style to their OS. In short, this simple window manager has won me over!

Many 'lite' Linux distros use Fluxbox or have it as an option although other window managers (icewm, XFCE to name but two) have become more popular in recent times. DSL and Feather Linux are two distros that I know make use of Fluxbox.

When I first came across Fluxbox, I was coming from the wrong angle. I wanted a lite distribution to work on old hardware but expected the look and feel of KDE, Gnome or Windows. Fluxbox is not memory intensive, so it is ideal for older hardware, but what it lacks in bells and whistles, it makes up for in a uniquely minimal GUI experience. If you need convincing, either try my test release or install Fluxbox from Synaptic in your normal PCLOS install and try it for a while.

I initially started working down from a fresh PCLOS install, removing KDE and various components as I went along. I managed to get the live-cd size down to around 500MB, but I was after something smaller still. I discovered the TinyMe project and saw that the guys on that project have done a great job of stripping out some of the excesses of the main OS. I decided from then on to use TinyMe as the base for my first release - TinyFlux. The ISO is roughly 225MB. It is slightly larger than the TinyMe base as both Fluxbox and GDM the login manager take up more room than the TinyMe counterparts.

Here are some key features of "TinyFlux":

Fluxbox window manager
i586 'Legacy' Kernel
Gnome Display Manager (GDM) for login
Thunar File Manager and Searchmonkey for desktop searches
XFBurn for CD burning
Opera web browser, Flash 9 and Sylpheed mail client
XMMS for audio playback
Medit and Ted for basic text processing
GQView for picture viewing
Synaptic, PCLinuxOS Control Centre and Draklive Installer
Xterm and various X-Utilities.

What's New in This Release:

Removed Grafburn and replaced with Brasero.
Removed XPDF and replaced with Evince document viewer.
Added WMix - dockable audio mixer that sits in the slit.
Added Gnome ALSA mixer GUI.
Made mrxvt default terminal:
- created root and user transparent themes for mrxvt
Installed Audacious plugins for LastFM/Audioscrobbler support.
Adjusted bootsplash and gfxboot theme for live CD:
- bootsplash and gfxboot rpms created and uploaded to PCFluxboxOS repository.
- drakx tools upgraded and uploaded to PCFluxboxOS repository.
Upgraded mklivecd and added menu entry for mkremaster GUI.
Created new Root fluxbox theme and tied wallpaper into TinyFlux theme.
Added menu entries for Thunar bulk rename and Thunar preferred applications.
Added menu entry for GPS Super User Mode.
Created PCFluxboxOS GDM theme.
Removed numerous redundant files and directories to save space.
Upgraded all using Synaptic before remaster.
Last updated on November 4th, 2007

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